Newly Launched Website SeeSay2020 Collects Reports of Ballot Issues, Voter Intimidation at the Polls

A record-setting 28 million Americans have already voted in the 2020 election. Thousands more say they’ve tried, but ran into problems and had nowhere to turn. But a newly launched website,, hopes to change that.

People can visit the site to report allegations of election irregularity, including ballot issues, voter intimidation and poll problems.

“If your vote is interfered with, and you are motivated enough to pick up your phone and put in it, we’re gonna post it,” campaign director Megan Matson told Inside Edition.

The reports create a national database that is displayed on the site virtually.

“It’s all right in your hand,” Matson said. “If you’ve got a phone with you, take a picture of anything relevant. It goes straight to our volunteers—they check that record for just basic credibility.”

Co-designer of the site, Andrea Miller, talked to Inside Edition about some of the real issues

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