Elastic Audio announces Intonal, a new audio programming language for games

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Elastic Audio CEO Andrew Beck wants audio design to function more like graphic design.

In graphic design, he describes in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, you can take, say, an asset of a car. As a player drives it down a highway, developers have techniques to allow the car to visually react in meaningful ways to elements such as light, shadow, dampness, frost, fire, bumps and scrapes.

But currently, he says, there isn’t any way to do the same thing with audio in games. Though there are audio programming languages, the ones that exist generally focus on music or other areas of use. Which is why Elastic Audio is announcing a new programming language for audio development called Intonal, which allows developers to edit or create audio using text-based code through a web browser.

Beck compares Intonal to graphics shaders. In the same way that the code

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