Is it okay to introduce electronic gadgets to Nursery kids for rhymes?

Many a times we find young children getting addicted to the television set and often complaining about how they cannot eat without watching a cartoon program. Technology has come a long way and has paved way into toddlers lives too through cartoons on YouTube and YouTube kids. But is it really a great option to let your children grow even more dependent on gadgets? Let us look at the pros and cons of letting nursery children use technology in the current scenario.

Introducing gadgets to nursery children will definitely improve their learning capacities as great audio & visual content is available on the internet to learn rhymes and watch cartoons.
Letting children watch cartoons and rhymes on YouTube and other OTT platforms is much better than letting them watch cartoon channels because of the amount of advertisements in Tv. Advertisers strategize their ads in a way that children get

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