Are you feeling practical?

We’re just a few weeks away from Black Friday and intense holiday shopping time during an era of COVID-19. Do you know what you’ll be purchasing? 

Stephen Baker, a longtime analyst with the NPD Group, which tracks sales of consumer products, says to expect a holiday filled with non-sexy products like computer monitors, external mice and keyboards and routers. Yes, routers. 

“You’re not going to give a spa certificate or holiday tickets to Bermuda,” said Baker. “Instead, we’re seeing more tangible gifts like a router. Give your family the gift of better internet connectivity.”

This year, the pandemic has put a twist on consumer electronic sales. Shoppers have already pushed huge sales gains for products that make it easier to work and learn from home, Baker said.

Router sales: up 50%. Computer monitors: up 80%. Big-screen TVs: up 35%.

 (Photo: Getty Images)

Baker sees that