Apple sued in Europe over software update that slowed old iPhones

A consumer advocacy group is suing Apple for about €180m in four European countries for allegedly duping users into downloading updates that deliberately slowed down their iPhones.

The legal actions mirror a class action in the US that led to a proposed settlement there worth up to $500m, following allegations that Apple engineered the software updates to induce users to buy newer models. Apple agreed to the US settlement in March, admitting no wrongdoing but saying it wanted to avoid protracted litigation.

“Apple pushed updates to mask problems with the battery, knowing it would slow down phones,” said Els Bruggeman, head of policy and enforcement at Euroconsumers, the consumer advocacy group behind the new lawsuits.

European consumers, she said, “just want to be treated with the same respect that was given to consumers in the United States”.

Euroconsumers-affiliated groups are filing class action lawsuits in Belgium and Spain on Wednesday,

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Fortnite Could Soon Return To Apple IPhones: Report

The popular Fortnite videogame could be restored to Apple mobile devices through a gaming program that runs on a browser, allowing it to evade a ban by Apple amid a dispute over fees, the BBC reported.

Apple pulled Fortnite from its App Store on August 13 after Fortnite developer Epic Games released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the iPhone maker, and the companies are now locked in a legal battle

Now Silicon Valley tech firm Nvidia has developed a version of its GEForce Now cloud gaming service that runs on Apple’s Safari browser, which could offer Fortnite to Apple users, the BBC said.

Nvidia could announce the Fortnite offering on the platform before the winter holidays, the report said, adding that it was possible the game could still be excluded from Apple devices.

Epic and Apple are fighting over whether Apple’s tight control of the App Store, and

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Fortnite is reportedly coming back to iPhones as part of Nvidia’s cloud gaming service

  • Nvidia is looking to bring its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Apple’s Safari mobile web browser, according to the BBC.
  • That would effectively allow Epic Games to bring Fortnite back to iPhones without having to pay the tech giant a cut of in-game transactions.
  • Fortnite was barred from the App Store earlier this year after it introduced an alternative payment method in the game.

graphical user interface, website: BROOKLYN, NY - AUGUST 09: CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney speaks onstage during Samsung Unpacked New York City at Barclays Center on August 9, 2018 in Brooklyn City. 

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BROOKLYN, NY – AUGUST 09: CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney speaks onstage during Samsung Unpacked New York City at Barclays Center on August 9, 2018 in Brooklyn City. 

Fortnite could be about to return to iPhones and iPads — this time as part of Nvidia’s cloud gaming service.


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The U.S. chipmaker is looking to bring GeForce Now — which gives players access to a library of games hosted on its servers — to a mobile version of Apple’s

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iPhones Feed a Gadgets Frenzy During India’s Busiest Gift Season

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — Brands including Apple and Huawei are releasing almost a hundred smartphone models ahead of India’s Diwali shopping bonanza, an unprecedented rollout for companies looking to capture a bigger chunk of the world’s second-largest mobile market.


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More than a dozen foreign and local smartphone makers will vie for attention around the Hindu Festival of Lights on Nov. 14, which ushers in an annual gifting spree that can make an American Christmas seem subdued. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. introduced twice its usual number of devices, while Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. showcased its smaller and more affordable iPhone 12 mini. Even Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies Inc. pulled out the stops with three new designs, despite renewed Indian-Chinese military tensions over their contested border. (The dispute led Indian traders to call for a boycott of Chinese goods.) The lineup also includes phones custom-designed for the Indian market, geared toward

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