TypeScript 4.1 RC: New features for Microsoft’s JavaScript-based programming language

TypeScript 4.1 improves the programming language’s functionality and speed, while giving developers greater control.


TypeScript in Visual Studio Code.

Image: Microsoft

The 4.1 release candidate (RC) for Microsoft’s popular JavaScript off-shoot TypeScript is now available.

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TypeScript is a language that builds on JavaScript by adding optional type checking, allowing it to catch common errors like miss-spelt properties and calling functions that have been written the wrong way.

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In doing so, TypeScript can save developers time in catching errors, and provides fixes before they run code. It can be run anywhere JavaScript runs: in a web browser, in apps or on the Node.JS runtime environment.

Ultimately, TypeScript allows developers to build apps and programs based on JavaScript code more quickly.

TypeScript 4.1 RC introduces a handful of new features that improve the programming language’s functionality and speed, and give developers

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