Use Website Personalization to Lift B2B Conversions

Have you ever heard someone who works in sales at a B2B organization say something like: “We do the real selling person to person. The website should just provide product, services and contact information”?

For many B2B organizations, large and small, the approach to providing website experiences often ends up being one-size-fits-all — despite the marketing team’s best efforts. No matter what customer-intent signals a website visitor reveals, she or he is repeatedly served the same one-size-fits all content and calls to action.

But think about it. Of the new customers any B2B organization has won in the past twelve months, how often do prospective customers visit the organization’s website before having that person-to-person contact? The answer, according to research, is very often. 

Of course, there is no replacement for a human-to-human dialog in sales. But if you as a B2B marketer “listen digitally” and trigger personalized contents and calls

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High-flying U.S. tech stocks get post-election lift, near new highs

By David Randall

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A weaker-than-expected election performance by Democrats and fears of new coronavirus restrictions have prompted investors to double down on high-flying technology stocks, which have come roaring back in recent days to put the Nasdaq within striking distance of a record.

Since Election Day, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite is up 6.6%, easily outpacing the 4.2% gain in the broad S&P 500 over the same time. This was partly driven by investors and traders unwinding trades placed on pre-election assumptions of a Democratic sweep which they thought would usher in higher taxes and more regulation.

Polls had forecast Democrats would solidly win the presidency on Tuesday, extend their control in the House of Representatives and potentially win control of the Senate. While Democratic candidate Joe Biden looks likely to win the presidency, the margin of victory appears to be razor thin; Democrats lost seats in

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Singapore’s Economic Reopening Is Failing to Lift Its Equities

Apple Inc. Opens New Store at Marina Bay Sands

Photographer: Bryan van der Beek/Bloomberg

Singapore’s emergence from the Covid-19 shock is gathering pace, but that isn’t boosting the nation’s equity benchmark.

That’s because the gauge is very much a bet on the global recovery rather than a wager on the city-state. The Straits Times Index is still 21% away from turning positive for the year, among the worst in Asia. Singapore’s plan to give a roadmap to the final phase of reopening and the ongoing decline in active virus cases has so far had limited impact on nation’s equities.

Thanks to Singapore’s deep integration with global trade and supply chains, half of the benchmark members’ revenues is from outside the island nation, according to data from Singapore Exchange Ltd. The International Monetary Fund forecast a 4.4% global contraction for this year, the deepest since the Great Depression, but less than its prior estimate of

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