Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto interrupted a Trump campaign news conference after election fraud allegations.


DETROIT – Armchair internet sleuths, amplified by Donald Trump Jr. and the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, are trying to prove dead people voted in the 2020 election using a list of 14,000 registered voters in Michigan who are older than 100.

Twitter suspended the account of the user who may have first posted the list. That user, @phalarisaqua, captioned his tweet “ahh oh no I was refilling my vape and I accidentally pasted a list of Michigan voters born 100+ years ago a ha.” The tweet linked to a list on Pastebin, which has since been removed. Pastebin is a site where people can publicly post plain text. It is often used by coders to share scripts.

Another Twitter user, @PhocaeanD, tweeted the list and credited the original poster, but