U.S. House Democrats Adopt Mobile Internet Voting for Leadership Contests | World News

(Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers used a mobile phone app over the last two weeks to remotely cast votes for the first time, according to technologists and some involved in the process, embracing technology to facilitate an internal party leadership contest.

The development marks a shift in how Congress is adapting to the internet, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Use of the app, named Markup ERVS, had not been publicly disclosed before Friday.

A total of 230 House of Representatives Democrats logged into Markup on their government-provided iPhones to cast votes stating their preference for House speaker, who will be elected by the full chamber early next month, said Markup spokesperson Colby Redmond.

The House Democrats also chose their caucus chair and committee heads through the app, which transfers data to staff in Washington.

Earlier this year, the House changed its procedures for voting on legislation by the full

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After internet banking, mobile banking problems, RBI orders lender to stop digital launches, new credit cards

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HDFC Bank failed transactions: Reserve Bank of India  (RBI) has issued an Order dated  December  2, 2020 to HDFC Bank Limited with  regard  to certain incidents of outages in the internet banking / mobile banking / payment utilities of the Bank over the past 2 years, including the recent outages in the Bank’s internet banking and payment system on November 21, 2020 due to a power  failure in the primary data  centre.  

The  RBI  vide  said  Order  has  advised  the  Bank  to  temporarily  stop

i)  all  launches  of  the  Digital  Business  generating activities planned under its program ?Digital 2.0 (to be launched) and other proposed business generating  IT  applications

(ii)  sourcing  of  new  credit  card  customers.  In  addition,  the  Order  states  that  the  Bank’s  Board  examines the lapses and fixes accountability.   

The above measures shall be considered for lifting upon satisfactory compliance with the major

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PUBG Mobile India Version APK Download Links to be Available on Official Website

a group of people posing for the camera: PUBG Mobile India (Representative Image)

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PUBG Mobile India (Representative Image)

PUBG Mobile India Version Latest Updates: As gamers await the launch of PUBG Mobile India in the country, the reports have it that that APK download links will be available on the official website of its Indian edition.

After PUBG Corporation announced that it would be launching an exclusive mobile version of its game for Indians fans in November, a new website and Facebook page for the same had also come up days later.

Since most of PUBG mobile versions have their download links available on their official website, it is safe to assume the same for the Indian version as well.

If reports are to be believed, many users had earlier spotted the ‘APK Download’ options on the website’s ‘News’ section, though it was found to be not working.

The official website reportedly showed two buttons.

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How to archive a Google Classroom on a computer or mobile device when you no longer actively need it

a close up of a computer keyboard: Teachers using Google Classroom have the ability to archive, restore, and permanently delete courses. SOPA Images/Getty Images

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Teachers using Google Classroom have the ability to archive, restore, and permanently delete courses. SOPA Images/Getty Images

  • You can archive a class in Google Classroom on desktop and mobile using the Archive function in the Settings menu. 
  • When you archive a Google Classroom, everything in the class will be preserved, but it won’t appear on your Classes page and students can’t unenroll from it. 
  • You can also restore or permanently delete your Google Classroom on desktop and mobile.
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As the end of your term or semester rolls around, consider archiving your Google Classroom. A feature available only to teachers, archiving is a way to keep you organized and preserve materials as you move on to a new section or other courses. 

Archiving is a way to file a class and its materials away without permanently

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Man Stabs Younger Brother To Death For Finishing His Mobile Internet Data

A man in India was arrested after he killed his younger brother for allegedly finishing his mobile internet data.

The accused, identified as 23-year-old Raman, noticed that his younger brother, Roy, had exhausted his mobile internet data and took him to the roof of his home. 

“On Wednesday evening, Raman took his younger brother Roy to the roof of the house and scolded him for consuming his internet data,” said a police officer, local television station NDTV reported.

The two got into a heated argument. The accused then stabbed his brother multiple times and fled the scene. The age of the victim was not known.

“In a fit of rage, Raman stabbed Roy four to five times in his chest and fled,” the officer said. 

As the victim was nowhere to be found, the family members started searching for him and found him on the roof, lying in a pool

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How to submit an assignment in Google Classroom, or retract a submission, on a computer or mobile device

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table: You can upload assignments to Google Classroom on desktop or mobile. Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

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You can upload assignments to Google Classroom on desktop or mobile. Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

  • You can submit an assignment in Google Classroom under the “Classwork” section on the desktop site or mobile app. 
  • To submit an assignment in Google Classroom, you must first “View assignment” and then select the “Add or create” option under the “Your work” menu. 
  • Links and Google Drive attachments, including a document, slide, sheet, drawing, or PDF file, can all be uploaded and submitted in Google Classroom.
  • You can upload multiple files, unsubmit assignments, and leave notes for your instructor in Google Classroom.  
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You’ve logged in to Google Classroom, have joined a class, and accessed class materials. Now, it’s time to submit an assignment. 


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To submit an assignment in Google Classroom, you’ll first need to navigate to the “Classwork” section. You

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How to share your screen on Zoom in 2 different ways on a computer or mobile device

Bubba Starling et al. sitting at a table using a laptop computer: You can share your screen on Zoom during a live call. Zoom

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You can share your screen on Zoom during a live call. Zoom

  • You can easily share your screen on Zoom during a group meeting using the desktop or mobile app.
  • You can share a screen before you have joined a call from the app homepage, or choose to begin sharing at any time during a live call.
  • The process looks slightly different on each app, and the desktop version offers more options for screen sharing — including options to annotate and use a whiteboard.
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As more and more meetings become remote, it might be helpful to share your phone or computer screen with coworkers or students when you’re on a Zoom video call.


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Whether it’s a marketing presentation or lecture slides, sharing a screen can be an easy way to show others

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Why won’t my hotspot work? How to troubleshoot your phone’s mobile hotspot and provide an internet connection for other devices

a man sitting on a beach near a body of water: If your mobile hotspot isn't working, here's how you can try to fix it. Westend61/Getty Images

© Westend61/Getty Images
If your mobile hotspot isn’t working, here’s how you can try to fix it. Westend61/Getty Images

  • If your phone’s hotspot won’t work, there could be a number of different culprits causing the problem.
  • Most issues with a hotspot can be solved by troubleshooting at home — and if you have an Android instead of an iPhone, you have more options to fix the problem.
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Picture this: You’re out somewhere and you need to do some work on your laptop, but the Wi-Fi is unbearably slow. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem — your cell phone gets good LTE service, you can just connect your computer to your phone’s mobile hotspot. But you try to connect to it and it won’t work. Why?

This is a question with many possible answers, and many of them also depend on what

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Global Mobile Handheld Computer Market 2020 – 2025 Research Report Published by MarketQuest.biz

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Nov 09, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) —
This intensive research report entitled Global Mobile Handheld Computer Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 compiled and published by MarketQuest.biz entails a market synopsis and offers a definition & outline of the market. The report represents detailed synopsis of the current market scenario, key trends, as well as threats, and challenges that seem to significantly impact revenue generation in the market. The report covers over-the-board data such as market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, market shares, challenges, economy, and supply chain. Information on the research and development taking place in the market has been presented. It comprises historical data, significance, statistical data, size & share, market analysis by product and market trends by key players, and market price & demand. The market is separated by

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