Facebook stopping NYU researchers examining political ad-targeting

  • The NYU Ad Observatory is researching Facebook’s political advertising targeting practices using a browser plug-in.
  • Laura Edelson, a lead researcher for the project, told Business Insider that Ad Observatory is finding ads Facebook’s internal archival system is missing, highlighting the importance of the work.
  • Facebook is trying to shut down the voluntary research project, claiming it violates its terms of service.
  • Edelson said she and her colleagues have no intention of stopping their research, even as Facebook threatens to take further action against Ad Observatory at the end of November.
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Facebook is trying to stop a New York University research project from studying its political-ad targeting practices just weeks before the presidential election. 

The Ad Observatory is a research project from the university’s engineering school that uses a browser plug-in to collect information about Facebook’s political ads. The project has over 6,500 volunteers

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