Why does computer think the printer is offline when it isn’t?

Q: My wife’s HP laptop (purchased in 2013, running Windows 8.1) is having difficulty printing to our HP OfficeJet 4655 over Wi-Fi. She gets a “printer is offline” message (even though it isn’t), and nothing can clear it short of deleting the printer and reinstalling it. This clears it every time, but she doesn’t have the patience to do this every time to print a document. The problem recurs every time she restarts her computer. Our network router is a Netgear N600. Other communications through this router (such as internet) work fine. This problem used to occur only occasionally, but now it’s constant.

The printer and router are in the same room as my HP laptop (purchased in 2019, Windows 10). My computer has never had this problem. Her computer is in the kitchen, through a couple of walls.

How can I troubleshoot this and determine why her computer thinks

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Trump’s official campaign website briefly offline after hackers take control and claim they had ‘full access to Trump and relatives’

  • Trump’s official campaign website was taken offline briefly on Tuesday after hackers appeared to have accessed it, as earlier reported by KQED reporter Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler.
  • The hackers posted a message claiming “multiple devices were compromised that gave full access to trump and relatives.”
  • They told visitors they might release damaging information on Trump while trying to convince people to send them cryptocurrency, in a potential scam.
  • Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh said the campaign is working with law enforcement to investigate the source of the hack and that “there was no exposure to sensitive data.”

The official campaign website for President Donald Trump was taken offline briefly on Tuesday evening after hackers appeared to take control of it, as earlier reported by KQED reporter Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler.

“The world has had enough of the fake-news spreaded daily by president donald j trump,” the apparent hackers said in

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Computer virus knocks STM’s website offline

Montreal’s public transit agency warns a computer virus had led to a major outage on its platforms, including its website.

a group of people looking at a screen: The major outage has forced the STM's website offline, but the transit agency says its Metro services are running.

© Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press
The major outage has forced the STM’s website offline, but the transit agency says its Metro services are running.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) says the incident occurred Monday and continues to impact paratransit services for commuters with reduced mobility on Tuesday.


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As a result, the organization says it will only honour trips for medical reasons and will not make any reservation or changes to trips.

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“Our operations teams have been working tirelessly since yesterday, and by all means available, to ensure the delivery of the planned service,” the transit authority said in a statement on Tuesday.

The STM says bus and Metro service are not

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