Washington’s ‘oldest’ house started out in Massachusetts

The Burke Historical Society website posted an article in May by the society’s vice president, Brian Slawski. It says: “Mr. and Mrs. George M. Morris had found their dream D.C. home — in Danvers, Massachusetts. There, Robert ‘King’ Hooper had built his stately home, ‘The Lindens,’ in 1754, and it was the Morrises’ will that the house be dismantled, shipped by boxcar, and rebuilt for them in Kalorama. From 1935 to 1937, Walter Macomber made it happen.”

Would you be able to say where this house is, or anything else about it?

Carol Van Gilst,

West Springfield, Va.

Answer Man can say quite a bit about it. But first, why is Walter Mayo Macomber mentioned on the website of the Burke Historical Society? It’s because Macomber (1894-1987), a Massachusetts-born architect who specialized in the painstaking renovation of historic houses, lived in Burke, Va., with his wife, Marion Hunter

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