Omni-Connected Tech Gadgets Are Booming

Whether you want to track your run times, monitor your sleep or try to avoid a sunburn, the market for wearable technology is growing and evolving as companies large and small try to cash in on one of the holiday season’s hottest segments.

By some estimates, the wearables market is currently worth about $70 billion annually, a huge total sales figure. However, that actually implies a temporary stall in year-on-year growth due to COVID-related manufacturing disruptions during the second quarter that momentarily limited supplies of some products.

Longer term, however, the wearables industry’s rising trajectory remains solidly intact. Forecasts call for double-digit percentage growth for years to come, driven by an array of new products from a range of new mass-market companies looking to take on early entrants such as Apple and Fitbit.

To see what is arguably the “prime” battleground in the

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