Omnicharge’s Omni-Off-Grid Is The King Kong Of Portable Batteries

It’s been four long years since my email inbox has been blessed with the sheer power ability of an Omnicharge battery. I’m still using the Omnicharge Smart Power Bank to charge my devices during power outages caused by tropical storms. The point is that Omnicharge makes a solid battery that will serve your portable power needs for a long time. As a testament to its dedication to serving power, Omnicharge has created the Omnicharge Omni-Off-Grid.

This thing is a beast and it has enough power and connectivity options to feed into the $2099 price tag. It has a 1500Wh capacity, an AC outlet that can output up to 1500W, four USB-C posts with an output up to 100W, four USB-A quick charge ports and a 12V car port. It charges in a mere three hours at 800W input from either

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