Nikola surges 21% after the company is referenced on GM’s website amid ongoing deal talks

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  • Nikola surged as much as 21% on Wednesday as investors searched for clues that a deal between General Motors and the electric-vehicle start up had been finalized. 
  • Mention of Nikola on General Motor’s website was widely circulated on Wednesday, but the webpage notes that the transaction between the two companies “has not yet closed.”
  • General Motors CEO Mary Barra said earlier this month talks remain ongoing with Nikola after a previously announced deal was put on hold following a short-seller report that alleged fraud at the electric truck company.
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Investors in Nikola are scouring the internet in search of clues that a previously announced $2 billion manufacturing deal with General Motors will go through.


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That deal, announced in September, was put on hold following a report from Hindenburg Research that alleged Nikola and its co-founder Trevor Milton committed

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VoIP-Pal wins federal appeal in ongoing patent battle with Apple

VoIP-Pal on Tuesday won an appeal in the Federal Circuit in its ongoing patent litigation against Apple, meaning that the case will return to the lower courts.

The patent holder initially filed several lawsuits against Apple dating back to 2018 alleging that several of the tech giant’s platforms, such as FaceTime and iMessage, violated its intellectual property. In this specific case, which was dismissed by a California District Court in late 2019, VoIP-Pal alleged infringement of four patents related to voice over IP protocols.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed VoIP-Pal’s appeal of the 2019 ruling. Although oral arguments in that case were scheduled for Nov. 3, they were canceled.

In its appeal, VoIP-Pal argued that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California erroneously determined that its patent claims were ineligible and dismissed its patent lawsuit in error. The court had

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Latinas face an ongoing pay gap that has barely moved in 30 years

This year, Latina Equal Pay Day falls on Oct. 29, marking how far into the new year Latinas have to work to earn the same pay white, non-Hispanic men earned the previous year.

When translated into a dollar amount, Latinas today earn, on average, just $0.55 for every dollar earned by White men, leaving them with a pay gap that surpasses that of women in all other racial groups. Over the course of a 40-year career, it’s estimated that Latinas stand to lose $1,163,920 due to the wage gap, according to data from the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC). Assuming that a Latina and her White male counterpart both start working at age 20, NWLC estimates that due to this wage gap a Latina will have to work until she’s 92 to earn what her While male peer earned by 60.

The ongoing pay disparity that Latinas face is one

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