Pinterest SEO: How to Optimize Your Pins for Search

As you look to climb the ranks of search results organically, there is one tool you might not be utilizing to its full potential: Pinterest. That’s right. The same place you search for recipes and DIY craft inspiration, is one of the best places to start utilizing search engine optimization for your business.

Pinterest is a Search Engine

Right after Google and YouTube, Pinterest is one of the largest search engines online. It’s more than just a social media platform. Often referred to as a ‘visual discovery engine,’ the Pinterest algorithm sends each user content in categories based on previous “pins” they have searched for, linked, and repinned for themselves. So, how do you optimize your pins to attract customers?

Pinterest SEO Best Practices

New Content Performs Better

While the shelf-life of Pinterest content is often way longer than that of Instagram or Twitter, it’s important to continue to add

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Streamlining the Business Processes to Optimize Spending

DUBLIN, Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The “Business Spend Management (BSM) Software Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends, Key Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2020 To 2028” report has been added to’s offering.

Streamlining the business processes to optimize the spending is improving adoption of BSM software worldwide

Using BSM software solution, enterprises can reduce their cost of goods & services, increased procurement leverages, process efficiency, and also mitigate the risk which may cause by supplier non-performance or supplier non-compliance. Additionally, the increased transparency in the procurement process and increased visibility into spending and contract provides enhanced financial control, organizational agility, and increased productivity.

With the growth of enterprises, it is difficult to manage the spending of a large number of vendors and transactions. Also, with rising cost-effective software solutions, high growth start-ups and companies are data-driven and diligent in the way to manage

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Sony plans to optimize the PS5’s fan speed using game data

Managing heat is a critical part of any video game console. Sony has already offered a video teardown of the PlayStation 5, revealing a large fan — 120mm in diameter and 45mm thick, to be precise — that can direct air to both sides of the motherboard. We didn’t know, however, that Sony has plans to optimize the component based on its performance during individual games. In an interview with, Yasuhiro Ootori explained that the console will monitor temperature through a sensor inside the APU and three more attached to the main board. The highest value is then used to determine the speed of the fan.

But here’s the really clever part: Sony will also be monitoring the APU and collecting data on individual games. “Various games will be released in the future, and data on the APU’s behavior in each game will be collected,” Otori said (translation

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Sony will optimize PS5 fan performance with software updates using individual game data

Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 console has a massive internal cooling system composed of, among other things, a gigantic fan. But the device, a 120mm-wide and 45mm-thick double-sided intake fan, also has some smart software to power it, and that software will improve the fan’s performance over time based on data gathered from individual games, according to a new interview with Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony’s mechanical design chief in charge of the PS5, with Japanese language website

a hand holding a clock: The cooling fan of the PS5 as seen in a Sony teardown video earlier this month.

© Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge
The cooling fan of the PS5 as seen in a Sony teardown video earlier this month.

Ootori was responsible for the refreshing teardown video Sony published earlier this month, showing off the entire console inside and out in a seven-minute video that revealed some telling new details about the mechanical design of the device. In the new interview, as translated by ResetEra user orzkare, Ootori points

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