Telstra and Optus want mobile blackspot program to consider indoor coverage


Image: Chris Duckett/ZDNet

Australia’s two largest mobile network operators want the Australian government to take into account in-building mobile coverage when selecting sites for future rounds of the mobile blackspot program (MBSP).

The Commonwealth is currently consulting on the design of round 5A of the program, having released submissions and a set of draft guidelines on Wednesday, to which interested parties have 14 days to respond.

In its submission, Optus said an issue with the program is that coverage is compared to public maps from telcos, which are measured when a device is outdoors or has an external antenna. Offering an alternative in its submission, the telco suggested a new measurement at -90dBm be used instead.

“[Public coverage maps] should not be used as a means of assessment, since we note that overwhelming feedback during varying Regional Telecommunications Reviews clearly shows a desire for enhanced in-building and in-vehicle (including in-paddock)

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Optus turns to AWS for help with becoming ‘end-to-end’ cloud solutions supplier


Image: Asha Barbaschow/ZDNet

Optus has turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for help with its goal of becoming a “leading supplier” of integrated cloud solutions in Australia.

Through a “strategic collaboration agreement” with the cloud giant, Optus will offer customers new “end-to-end cloud services”, such as consultancy, advisory, migration, and managed services, to customers.

Optus will build a dedicated business unit that works with AWS Professional Services. Optus said working with AWS’s specialist team of cloud experts would allow it to provide customers with help in building new applications on AWS and provide the ability to scale faster as they move to the cloud.

“This collaboration significantly boosts Optus’ cloud offering and provides an elevated experience for our customers,” Optus Business managing director Chris Mitchell said.

“As part of our strategy to become a leading supplier of integrated cloud solutions in Australia, we are excited to double down on our

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