Naarak Studio Launches iCollections to Help Mac Users Organize Their Computer Storage

November 25, 2020 – Thanks to iCollections by Naarak Studio, Mac users can now organize their apps and files with the 64-bit application written exclusively for Mac. iCollections effectively fixes the challenges that come with cluttered desktops and allows users to have a clean, productive, and enjoyable experience with the Mac.

According to users, iCollections comes with many impressive features. One of such features is a photo frame that enables users to display their favorite images on their desktop. Users can also gain access to available drives on their computer with the Disk Panel feature. The Folder View is another fan-favorite, it enables users to group items right on their desktops. Users will also organize desktop items based on types using the Collection feature. An ultra-convenient desktop organizer, iCollections is a great tool with calendar scheduling and a plethora of other features.

With iCollections, users can save valuable time and

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Organize Personal Web Browsing For Better Time Usage

Having multiple websites that are often visited, can take time to find the site or require keeping a list of web addresses handy. Web browser history can get long if it is used to keep site locations. Then there are those internet searches that take time to find the desired result and may have to be run multiple times before the research is complete. What can be done to save time on the web? Having a choice of options to help save time running searches and finding site addresses may help to save time in the future.

If the same websites are often visited, then bookmark those websites rather than keeping a URL (uniform resource locater – a.k.a. website address) list somewhere. Use the bookmark feature in the web browser (or Add to Favorite in IE) to save the URLs with a relevant name for quick access. Another alternative is … Read More