IT solutions to avoid website outages during the holiday season

Saying that the holiday season will be somewhat different in 2020 is stating the obvious. With social distancing measures in place in most countries in the world, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift to e-commerce by four to six years, the demand for products via digital platforms is certain to grow. Many shoppers across all generations are seeking online shopping options. In fact, according to Deloitte’s forecast, e-commerce holiday retail sales are expected to increase between 25% to 35% from November through to January, reaching $182 billion to $196 billion in total.

However, a quick glance at history shows that retailers have long struggled to prepare their IT technology to keep up with increased traffic. Website outages have plagued major organisations on special dates over the years, whether it is Black Friday, the launch of a new Playstation console or when Glastonbury tickets go on sale.

Such inefficiency naturally

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Massive Amazon Web Services outages hits companies across internet

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud-computing platform that’s the digital backbone to numerous different businesses, has suffered a major outage .

Jeff Bezos standing on a stage in front of a curtain

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The problems on Wednesday affected numerous firms including the streaming platform Roku, creative software manufacturer Adobe, and high-profile news outlets including the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon-affiliated businesses were not spared either. Users of Ring, the Amazon-owned smart home security camera company, couldn’t log in and watch video at points, while the outage also hit The Washington Post, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns privately.

“We are actively working toward full recovery for all affected services, and will continue to provide updates regularly as we have new information to share,” Amazon wrote on the update page for the AWS incident, which appears to be linked to a series of Amazon facilities in northern Virginia.

Video: Warning over 17 apps that can access your

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SpaceX Starlink engineers explain outages, hiring for ‘hot jobs’

  • Engineers working on SpaceX’s Starlink listed a number of “hot jobs” that SpaceX are looking to fill during a Q&A session with the Reddit’s Starlink community on Saturday.
  • SpaceX is hiring numerous roles in design and engineering, they said, and gave out an email for people to send resumes. 
  • They also promised improvements to Starlink, which is already giving users speeds of more than 160 Megabits per second. 
  • For example, they were working on reducing outages caused by obstructing branches or poles near Starlink terminals on the ground, they said.
  • The SpaceX engineers also said that reducing production costs — and therefore the cost of Starlink for users — was “going well but this is no doubt one of the hardest challenges we’re tackling.”
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Engineers at Elon Musk’s SpaceX laid out Saturday how they plan to improve the aerospace company’s Starlink satellite-internet service

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JPMorgan, Goldman to halt software updates around U.S. election to minimize outages

(Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co and Goldman Sachs Group Inc will halt software updates to its retail and investment banking systems that customers use to manage accounts, around the Nov. 3 U.S. presidential election, the banks said on Thursday.

The Information had reported earlier on Thursday about the banks’ move.

“We plan and implement code freezes periodically throughout the year to coincide with times of increased market activity,” Patrick Lenihan, a Goldman Sachs spokesperson said, adding that a code freeze is instituted around every election.

Meanwhile, a JPMorgan spokesperson confirmed the report by The Information, but did not elaborate further.

The digital media firm’s report also said the move was a preventive measure intended to minimize the risk of outages of their services during a period of potential market volatility surrounding the election.

JPMorgan’s technology leadership team had recently told its technology staff that it will halt all software

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Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan will freeze software updates around the US election to minimize service outages, report says

a close up of a computer: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

© Brendan McDermid/Reuters
Brendan McDermid/Reuters

  • Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan have ordered halts to software updates around next week’s election to avoid service outages for customers, the Information reported.
  • The precautionary step is common during periods of heightened market volatility. This year’s election is expected to be particularly turbulent.
  • JPMorgan executed code freezes during the 2016 US presidential election when Donald Trump won, the 2019 UK general election, and when Brexit came into force this year. 
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Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan will freeze software updates to their retail and investment banking systems around next week’s US presidential election on Tuesday to minimize outages, the Information reported.


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Bank customers who use these systems to manage their accounts will not be interrupted by any software updates on Tuesday, the final day of the presidential vote.

The planned move, also known as software code “freezes,” is

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Comcast outages leave more than 100,000 Calif. customers without Internet

Close to 100,000 homes and 6,000 businesses are without Comcast services due to Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s power shut-offs, the company told The Chronicle Monday.

text: The PG&E fire-prevention blackouts triggered widespread Comcast outages in the Bay Area.

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The PG&E fire-prevention blackouts triggered widespread Comcast outages in the Bay Area.

Comcast didn’t immediately clarify cities and towns in the Bay Area that are impacted but said, “the locations would align with where PG&E power shutoffs are taking place.” Affected services affected include internet, landline and mobile phone services.

PG&E shut off power to 361,000 customers in 36 counties, including eight of nine Bay Area counties, beginning Sunday morning to brace for the strongest winds of the year. The utility sometimes shuts down power lines as a wildfire-prevention measure during highly dangerous wind conditions.

The shut-offs are expected to continue into Monday evening, PG&E said. Once fast, gusty winds subside, the utility will inspect its power lines and restore

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Internet outages in tense Guinea as Conde on course for vote win

Guinea, gripped by days of post-election violence, suffered widespread internet disruptions on Friday after preliminary results showed a victory for President Alpha Conde.

Figures released by the election commission late Thursday showed the 82-year-old incumbent, who is seeking a controversial third term, was the clear leader in Sunday’s first round.

But opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo has claimed victory and his camp has accused the government of “large-scale fraud” in counting ballots.

Internet monitoring group NetBlocks said it suspected the internet outage was an attempt by the government to restrict activity on social media to weaken the opposition. 

“The incident appears to be consistent with previous restrictions attributed to state controls during elections in the country,” NetBlocks executive director Alp Toker told AFP. 

AFP journalists reported that they had lost their internet connection on the Orange cell phone network, which is ubiquitous in Guinea.

A spokeswoman for Orange Guinea said

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