Why Xbox Head Phil Spencer Believes Xbox Series S Will Eventually Outsell Series X


  • Microsoft’s Phil Spencer believes the Xbox Series S’s price will help it beat Xbox Series X in the long run
  • Spencer thinks both PS5 and Xbox Series X will fly off shelves at launch
  • Both the Xbox Series X and Series S will launch on Nov. 10

Microsoft executive vice-president for gaming Phil Spencer believes that the all-digital Xbox Series S will sell more units than the more powerful Xbox Series X over the course of the next generation.

Spencer told Kotaku that he expects the Xbox Series X, with all of its bells and whistles, more power, 1TB of storage, 4k resolution, 16GB of RAM, and priced at $499, to be the bigger hit when both are launched on Nov. 10.

Since the Xbox Series X is what Microsoft has been pushing and is the kind of machine that ushers in a new era of gaming, Spencer

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