iPhone 12 MagSafe is the sleeper feature that could outshine 5G

The MagSafe is one of the quietly coolest features on the new iPhone 12. 


Apple’s MagSafe, which allows you to magnetically snap on attachments, may be the new feature in the iPhone 12 family that provides you with the most immediate impact. And that’s knowing that the company — and the entire wireless industry — has spent a huge amount of time shining a spotlight on 5G.

It’s almost sacrilege for me to write this. After all, I’ve been covering the potentially game-changing nature of 5G since 2015, when I first wrote about Verizon’s intention to field-test the super-fast cellular technology. But the truth is that initial deployments don’t represent huge boosts in speed, and your first experience with 5G may elicit a shrug. 

MagSafe, on the other hand, offers

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