Nintendo Switch Sales For Last 3 Months Are Extraordinary, And It’s Now Outsold The NES

The Nintendo Switch continues to gain momentum, according to Nintendo’s Q2 financial report for the fiscal year 2020/2021. The company’s new investor relations information for the quarter has launched, and it has revealed some huge sales figures.

The Switch has now sold 68.30 million units, making it the second highest-selling Nintendo home console ever. This quarter, which stretches from July 1-September 30, saw 6.86 million Switch units sold around the world, judging by their previous report (thanks, Vooks).

The Switch Lite makes up 10.36 million of those sales, meaning that the hybrid system remains the most popular.

The system has now overtaken the NES’ lifetime sales of 61.91 million, a figure that it was just barely under last quarter. If this momentum holds–and that seems likely–it will overtake the 3DS (75.94 million units) within this financial year. The Wii remains Nintendo’s top-selling system, with 101.63 million units sold, but with

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