Who owns the copyright to a computer program?

With new and innovative computer programs constantly being developed in all sectors, opportunities abound to not only create apps or programs that are revolutionary but that can also potentially bring in a substantial income. Having a developer produce a program to your requirements is most exciting but not understanding who owns it can result in much heartache and financial loss in the long run.

It is, firstly, important to establish who the author of the program is. The Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978 (the Copyright Act) defines the “author” of a computer program as

the person who exercised control over the making of the computer program.

The question is of some importance, since the author is generally the first owner of the computer program.

The question of who has control, that is, who is regarded as the author in the creation of a computer program, was dealt with in

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Black Female Chefs Find a Sweet Spot in OWN’s First-Ever Food Programming

If you’re anything like The Root crew, month upon month of quarantine has deepened your relationship with your kitchen—or, perhaps gotten you newly acquainted. Whether it’s perfecting your sourdough starter (we’re looking at you, Managing Editor Genetta Adams), starting an entire Insta-feed for your culinary creations (a la our Editor-in-Chief Danielle Belton), or becoming unusually fastidious about your meal planning (that would be yours truly), food has taken on new meaning in a moment we’re desperately in need of not only nourishment but comfort, creativity and a little more control to our chaos.

a woman holding a cake: Chef Tregaye Fraser on OWN’s Tregaye’s Way.

© Screenshot: OWN
Chef Tregaye Fraser on OWN’s Tregaye’s Way.

Enter Oprah—she of the unabashed love of bread, giant-sized vegetable garden and eponymous network, OWN, which is getting ready to satisfy our appetite for good home cooking with a new slate of food-focused programs.

“Our viewers love spending time in the kitchen and cooking for themselves and

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