Ellison donated $250,000 to pro-Lindsey Graham PAC amid TikTok deal

  • Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, donated $250,000 to a pro-Lindsey Graham super PAC as his company’s deal to partner with TikTok was in the final stages, according to a report from The Verge.
  • According to documents from the Federal Election Commission, Ellison made the donation to the pro-Graham PAC Security is Strength on September 14. 
  • As The Verge noted that the donation came just hours after Oracle announced it had edged out Microsoft to become TikTok’s US technology partner amid the ongoing political drama surrounding its Chinese owner. 
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Larry Ellison, the founder, board chairman, and chief technology officer of Oracle, donated $250,000 to a pro-Lindsey Graham super PAC in September as the deal for the company to become the US technology partner of TikTok closed, The Verge reported.

The donation was made to The Security is Strength PAC, which has exclusively supported

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