Red Dead Redemption 2’s Latest Weekly Update Adds A Legendary Panther

Red Dead Redemption 2’s latest weekly update introduces a new legendary animal for you to hunt or sample in Red Dead Online. There are also new weapons and cosmetic items to unlock or purchase, and XP bonuses for taking part in Red Dead’s special Halloween event, Dead of Night.

The Legendary Iwakta Panther is terrorizing the townsfolk near Braithwaite Manor, with several labourers and animals falling victim to the dangerous predator. As always, you can speak to Harriet at her shop to launch this new Sighting Mission and attempt to kill or sample the cunning beast. Just make sure you bring plenty of Sedative Ammo with you if you’re planning on the latter option.

If you opt for lethal force, you can take the Legendary Iwakta Panther’s spotted hide to Gus’ store to sell it for cash and unlock the Iwakta Coat for purchase. With new unique materials at his

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