Brain chip deemed ‘life-altering’ after paralyzed men use it to control a computer with their MIND

It may be the size of a paperclip, but this tiny brain implant has brought life back to men suffering with upper limb paralysis.

Australia-based Synchron, a neurovascular bioelectronics medicine company, announced its Stentrode brain computer interface (BCI) has allowed patients to carryout tasks on a computer just by using their mind.

Using the implant, patients achieved an average click accuracy of 92 percent and 93 percent and typing speeds of 14 and 20 characters per minute – without lifting a finger.

The team is using blood vessels as a natural highway to the brain, which are laced with sensors that record activity.

These signals are then sent through a telemetry unit to a small computer taped to the patient’s chest, which interprets what actions the individual wants to perform on the nearby PC, such as texting, emailing and shopping online. 

The successful human trials come at a time that

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