Russian inventor created his version of the Tesla 20 times cheaper with parts from the internet

The ideas of entrepreneur Elon Musk are a source of inspiration for many, as demonstrated by a Russian amateur inventor. This is Vladimir Kurbán, who created his own version of a Tesla car with parts purchased online .

a person standing in front of a car

© Spencer Platt/Getty Images vía BI

The enthusiastic creator decided to transform his old Nissan into an electric car, guided by YouTube tutorials. Kurbán bought the components on the Chinese platform AliExpress for about $ 1,300, and spent an amount on lithium-photopolymer batteries to power the vehicle.

Kurbán’s total investment was about 2,600 dollars, about 52,500 Mexican pesos . The cost of an original Tesla ranges between 970 thousand pesos (Model 3), and 2.1 million pesos (Model X).

After putting together his version of the hybrid vehicle, the man managed to turn it on and even take it for a ride. However, when he put it to charge, a short circuit caused

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Verizon set to launch 5G home internet in parts of Dallas next week

Verizon is expanding its 5G home internet availability to include parts of Dallas and 11 other cities, beginning Nov. 5.

The home internet service will run on its high-frequency millimeter-wave network. Customers who buy 5G home internet can expect peak download speeds of “up to 1 Gbps, depending on location, with typical download speeds of 300 Mbps.”

True 5G wireless connections have promised blazing fast download speeds able to download a movie from Netflix in seconds rather than minutes, and reduced lag times across data transfers that could foster widespread adoption of emerging tech like AR and VR.

The service will cost existing Verizon customers $50 monthly and $70 for noncustomers. Verizon didn’t specify where in Dallas the 5G home service will be available, except to say it can be found in most areas with existing 5G wireless service.

The company has encouraged customers to enter their address into a

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Computer Parts Online

In today’s age, building computers on yourself is often chosen as the safest and choicest option by a sizeable part of the market for computers. There are various advantages and disadvantages for doing so.

When personal computers first entered the mass market, building a computer was an arduous and risky task. Getting the right computer parts was also difficult and without a guarantee. Putting the whole thing together was a risk because of the newness of the product as well as the absence of expert knowledge. But over the years, the market has understood the process of computer assembly and the heavy savings involved in making your own computer (you basically save on the branded company’s professional service charge for putting the computer together for you).

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Computer Programming For Beginners – Integral Parts of Programming Languages

Are you new in the field of computer programming? Then it is very important to know and understand the common concepts and principles involved in such field. While computer programming for beginners comes with a certain level of difficulty, it is still achievable especially if you are equipped with the basic principles and concepts.

Writing a program involves storing data as well as manipulating it by means of a series of instructions. Included in the data are time and countable factors such as names, dates, and descriptions. By means of data types, you’ll be able to find out how a data must be stored and used.

Most programming languages such as C, C#, C , Visual Basic, and Java have integral parts which novice programmers need to get acquainted with. Among such parts are:

  • Variables

Wannabe programmers have to understand that variables provide them with momentary storeroom for any information … Read More