Alleged source code of pen testing software Cobalt Strike published on GitHub

Alleged source code belonging to commercial penetration testing software Cobalt Strike has been published on GitHub, potentially providing a new path for hackers to attack companies.

Penetration testing, usually abbreviated as pen testing, has legitimate uses as a security tool to test security but can also be used by bad actors to attack a company. Ethical pen testing involves simulated attacks on a computer system to evaluate the security of the given system. In the hands of hackers, the same pen testing software can be used to identify security issues that can be exploited.

Cobalt Strike, which pitches itself as being a legitimate pen testing solution has been controversial for years due to its use by hacking groups, be it they had to pay $3,500 per year for a license to use the software or use a pirated copy. Malpedia has a page dedicated to Cobalt Strike, noting that it

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North Allegheny girls pen book, create website about personal finance for kids

Most people with questions about a topic they know little or nothing about seek out experts who can give them the answers.

But North Allegheny High School juniors Alina Zaidi and Angela Wu decided that it wasn’t enough to simply teach themselves about personal finances. They wanted to make sure other kids had the tools they needed to handle money.

So the pair spent much of the summer writing a book geared to middle and early high school students titled “Growing Your Money Tree: An Introduction to Personal Finance.”

Zaidi said the idea for the book began to take shape after she and Wu joined the school’s DECA club, which prepares high school students for business-related careers.

“A lot of the activities we had planned for the summer were canceled because

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