Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf says a lawsuit filed by President Trump’s campaign to stop counting of ballots in the state is “simply wrong.” (Nov. 4)

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The claim: Real Clear Politics pulled its call of Pennsylvania for Joe Biden

Democrat Joe Biden may have been declared the projected victor of the 2020 presidential election on Saturday, after he secured the necessary 270 electoral votes, but that has not stopped lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign nor claims on social media from disputing Biden’s status as president-elect. 

“Just got word that they pulled Pennsylvania’s electoral votes from Biden today after the Supreme Court hearing on voting fraud!” wrote Facebook user Christa Elisha in a Nov. 9 post.

“Biden is no longer President Elect! Our prayers are working!!! Keep it up saints!” 

Elisha’s post includes screenshots that attribute to political news site Real Clear Politics a rescission of calling Pennsylvania