Use Website Personalization to Lift B2B Conversions

Have you ever heard someone who works in sales at a B2B organization say something like: “We do the real selling person to person. The website should just provide product, services and contact information”?

For many B2B organizations, large and small, the approach to providing website experiences often ends up being one-size-fits-all — despite the marketing team’s best efforts. No matter what customer-intent signals a website visitor reveals, she or he is repeatedly served the same one-size-fits all content and calls to action.

But think about it. Of the new customers any B2B organization has won in the past twelve months, how often do prospective customers visit the organization’s website before having that person-to-person contact? The answer, according to research, is very often. 

Of course, there is no replacement for a human-to-human dialog in sales. But if you as a B2B marketer “listen digitally” and trigger personalized contents and calls

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