A web site connects dog rescuers with the people who had to put the pets up for adoption

Does Archie think about his old humans — and do those humans think about Archie?

Those are the sorts of questions Connie Bekavac hopes to answer with her website, Pet Parents’ Place (petparentsplace.com). It’s a place where people who gave up their dogs, cats or other pets can connect with the people who have them now, and vice versa.

Connie, a retired Energy Department employee who lives in Edgewater, Md., has had various rescue dogs over the years. A previous dog — a little pooch Connie named Beemer — was adopted when he was 2 years old. That was an odd age for a rescue, Connie thought. In her experience, they tend to be either puppies or much older.

Later, Connie learned that when Beemer’s original owner had moved to a nursing home, no family member could take the dog, so he was left at an animal shelter. Connie figured

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