Phasmophobia’s New Patch Adds Dozens Of Fixes And Halloween Content

Cooperative ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia has recently become one of the most-played and most-watched games on Steam and Twitch. Last week’s update for Phasmophobia added more cunning ghosts to the game, but this week’s latest patch is focused on dozens of fixes as well as new Halloween additions. Developer Kinetic Games hasn’t revealed yet what the Halloween content actually is, but players have reported seeing Jack-o’-lanterns, a scarecrow, and a new type of crawling ghost.

Plenty of small issues have been fixed within Phasmophobia, such as disappearing ghost orbs, loading level timeouts, and dead players being able to use the walkie talkie. New changes to the game include ghost-writing now counting as photographic evidence, upgraded server code to fix most voice chat issues, and removing the Australian server from the region selection options as those players will instead be matched up according to their best ping results.

Ghost events will also

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