Philips SmartSleep Light review: The sunrise alarm clock

I used to have a really cheap alarm clock. Its discordant ear-piercing shriek became the stuff of early-morning nightmares. Then, one day, it dawned on me that if I really want to rise and shine, I need an alarm clock that – quite literally – helps me get up with the sun.

This is the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light review.

Philips SmartSleep Light: What is it?

Philips SmartSleep Light daylight sunset

In its most basic sense, the Philips Smart Connect Wake-Up Light is an alarm clock that uses light to wake you up gently and naturally. However, it’s much more than just a light therapy tool. Philips really takes the “wellness” angle to the extreme here, with additional features like breathing exercises, nature sounds, environment monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. You can even use it as a bedroom speaker and a phone charger.

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What’s good?

Philips SmartSleep Light sunset mode on

There’s a

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