Pinoy online shoppers love music, food, and gadgets

Here’s how Filipino shopping behavior changed during the pandemic period

Social media platform Twitter has released its latest study on how Filipino online buying behavior has changed during this period of lockdowns. Here are the five interesting findings of this study. 

  1. Pinoys buy essentials online

Since people #StayAtHome, Filipinos go to the internet as a safer alternative to add to their shopping carts. In the past month, 78 percent of Filipinos on Twitter have recently purchased a product online, while 93 percent have visited an online retail site or store to check out items.

Here are the top 5 items Filipino users bought online in the last month.

2. Pinoys are smart shoppers

When product photos and information wouldn’t suffice, Pinoys do their research to gather more details about the product and if it’s worth buying. The study shows that over 69 percent of Filipino online shoppers always do

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