Latino voters pitted against BLM in false Spanish media

False information surrounding Black Lives Matter is being shared by some Hispanics through radio and group chats

A Spanish-language station in Miami shared false information regarding the Black Lives Matter organization.

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The New York Times reported that Spanish language radio host Carinés A. Moncada claimed that BLM founders practice “brujería” or witchcraft in an attempt to sway voters. She said that information justified her claims that the movement is destructive. According to the report, the broadcaster learned her information from News Punch, a website that publishes and amplifies conspiracy theories.

“Because they are vibrating with the devil. They are vibrating with negativity. They are vibrating with the dark,” she said, according to the Times. “And whoever votes for [Joe] Biden, unfortunately, is supporting that.”

Moncada shared a link to the post on

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