12v and USB-charged gadgets for the road can be handy or just plain fun | The Canberra Times


Some cars are loaded with gadgets and functions these days. Some are for safety, others for comfort or convenience, and more still for the entertainment of the driver or passengers. If yours isn’t packed to the roof liner yet, or even if it is, you can still find a vast array of useful (or novel but ultimately useless) devices that you can plug in to run or recharge while you’re driving. Looking into this could also help you find that interesting gift for someone whom you know spends a lot of time on the road (or on a computer). Many of you will still be able to utilise the old-school cigarette lighter port, with anything from heated thermal mugs that keep your favourite beverage warm to camping cooler boxes and much more. You can also run or recharge an unimaginable variety of gadgets off a USB port, when you

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