Software Without Geospatial Power Has ‘Lost’ The Plot

We all know how locked down and controlled 2020 has been. Paradoxically perhaps, this very act of containment has driven an increased use of world mapping data and geospatially-aware software, as we seek to find out what’s happening around the planet. Right now, we really don’t want to be lost on the map, more than ever.

A large number of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) news reports have featured local, national and global statistics graphically depicted across mapped-out regions of the planet. Behind these color-coded charts, graphs and diagrams are software programs designed to ingest, process, analyze and deliver accurate location-based data to provide us with a geospatially-aware representation of what’s happening.

In many cases, the data these applications use draws upon the same information source as is used by public sector organisations, governments, emergency services and businesses. In

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