Trump advocate Sidney Powell cites Ron Watkins, a central QAnon figure

Powell has claimed that a diabolical scheme backed by global communists had invisibly shifted votes with help from a mysterious computer algorithm pioneered by the long-dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez — a wild story debunked by fact-checkers as a “fantasy parade” and devoid of actual proof.

No real evidence was included in Watkins’ affidavit, either. But Watkins, who said in the affidavit that he lives in Japan, nevertheless speculated that — based on his recent reading of the Dominion software’s online user guide — it may be “within the realm of possibility” for a biased poll worker to fraudulently switch votes.

Watkins’ affidavit marks one of the first official connections between a notable player in the QAnon conspiracy universe and Trump’s muddled multistate legal campaign, which some of the president’s allies have labeled, in the words of Chris Christie, a “national embarrassment.”

But many similar Trump-QAnon overtures have already played

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Dominion Voting Systems reacts to Sidney Powell election lawsuit

The company provided a bulleted list of claims it says were not true – from foreign ties to hackability.

DENVER — A company that has been named in numerous election fraud theories – many with little or no evidence to back them – has taken aim at comments from one of its biggest detractors.

Dominion Voting Systems, which maintains voting machines in Georgia and other states, laid out a long list of claims by attorney Sidney Powell which it said are false – and provably so.

The company described many of Powell’s statements as part of a “bizarre election fraud conspiracy” that would have required unreasonably coordinated actions between thousands of people from the state to the local level – including themselves.

“This quite simply did not occur,” the company said in a statement released on Thursday.

“The allegations included in the draft complaint are baseless, senseless, physically impossible, and

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Powell Software Launches Onboarding Templates to Reduce New Employee Acclimation Time Through Microsoft 365 and Teams

With Onboarding Templates, HR Managers can create Teams & intranet pages for new employees that are completely personalized to them with just a few clicks

Powell Software, a company focused on creating digital solutions built on Microsoft 365 and tools for optimizing the Digital Workplace experience, today announces the launch of Onboarding Templates. This new package allows HR managers to create powerful onboarding environments in just minutes with pre-defined templates built into Powell Intranet and Powell Teams.

With more companies opting to shift to remote or hybrid structures as a response to the pandemic, HR managers have faced the challenge of efficiently onboarding new employees that may have never set foot in the office since being hired. They have also been tasked with immersing new hires into the company culture and facilitating connections between supervisors, mentors and other coworkers.

“We’re excited to launch Onboarding Templates to help organizations build hybrid

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