A CX-Centric Future Powered By Customer Advocacy, Micro Data + Emotion

If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that the only constant is transformation. Consumer behavioral shifts are perpetual and brands that develop the right blueprint to conform to these changes in real-time, will be the victors. Because of this, a few key points on the horizon must be kept sharply in focus as 2021 approaches:

  • Digital transformation will only continue to accelerate amidst the new playing field.
  • 1:1 commercial intimacy centered on empathy and emotion will be pervasive, and the worlds of B2C and B2B will continue to become indistinguishable.
  • CX will consequently remain the ultimate battleground.

With that in mind, following are the Top 5 insights I believe brands and their leadership need to keep abreast of as the new year unfolds.

1 – CMOs and CEOs will need to work more

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