4 Practical Reasons for Having a Mobile-Optimized Website

One of the things we have all learned from a period of sheltering in place is that internet connections are unstable, especially when there is a flood of people online. Our internet connections have failed us at one time or another during this pandemic. If you didn’t experience an unstable connection yourself, chances are that you know someone who did. When that happened, many turned to their cellular service. Given data limits, cellular wasn’t a long-term solution. However, it did make many people even more comfortable using their handheld computer—the smartphone—for business, ecommerce and daily living.

As a business owner, you should be optimizing your website for mobile. Not just creating a mobile-friendly site, but a mobile-optimized one. Here’s why a mobilize-optimized website helps you win.

Content is easier to find

When your website is optimized for smartphones, your content will be easier to find on the phone. Traditionally, websites

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What’s hot for tech holiday? ‘Practical’ gifts like routers and computer monitors

Are you feeling practical?


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We’re just a few weeks away from Black Friday and intense holiday shopping time during an era of COVID-19. Do you know what you’ll be purchasing? 

Stephen Baker, a longtime analyst with the NPD Group, which tracks sales of consumer products, says to expect a holiday filled with non-sexy products like computer monitors, external mice and keyboards and routers. Yes, routers. 

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“You’re not going to give a spa certificate or holiday tickets to Bermuda,” said Baker. “Instead, we’re seeing more tangible gifts like a router. Give your family the gift of better internet connectivity.”

This year, the pandemic has put a twist on consumer electronic sales. Shoppers have already pushed huge sales gains for products that make it easier to work and learn from home, Baker said.

Router sales:

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4 Practical Benefits Of Using An SEO Expert

An online presence is essential for any modern business that wants to get noticed. In addition to having a well-designed website that has high-quality and engaging content, the website must be well optimized. The proper use of SEO is necessary to make sure a website gets listed high in the search engine results for the most desirable keywords and phrases. In many situations it can benefit to pass this type of work to an expert who has the proper knowledge and know-how to get the website ranked on the first page in the shortest time.

Let’s take a look at four benefits of making use of an SEO expert:

Use proven techniques

The SEO expert is certain to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and techniques to make sure a website is optimized to achieve the best results. This industry is very dynamic with constantly changing ranking criteria and … Read More