How Social Media Platforms Are Preparing for the Election, And the Aftermath

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As stores run low on plywood barricades, guns fly off the shelves, and the president plans not to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, social media companies have begrudgingly developed contingency plans for election day and the confusion that’s sure to follow. Belying most of these policies are the likely scenarios that 1) a candidate will claim victory before the results are determined and 2) there will be some level of violence, potentially spurred on by misinformation. Let’s take a look at what they’re doing to mitigate that.

Keep in mind that these companies often talk a good game, but then fall well short of moderating content up to their self-imposed standards. As such, we continue to pray a solar flare will wipe out the internet today, but the odds of anything good happening this year just aren’t in

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Is President Macron Preparing To Leave The Paris Agreement?

In new revelations ahead of crunch UN climate talks next week, it appears that France may be preparing to break its Paris climate commitments.

At the meetings being hosted in London on Monday, the future of the world’s sixth largest polluter – global shipping and its 1 billion tons of carbon emissions each year – were to be finalized. President Macron and France have appeared to change their stance and are taking a position of no emission enforcement until 2030, which will blow the world through its global carbon budget.

President Macron had previously taken a very public stand on climate and biodiversity issues. However, he was criticized by his former Environment Minister who resigned live on radio in

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