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Smarter Media is a digital agency working with brands including Amaroc, Excalibur and Moovahome. It specialises in intelligent SEO and lead generation by understanding a client’s competitors and gaining a deep understanding of a client’s business

Fiona Scott Media Consultanccy

With more companies working from home and the digital space becoming increasingly important, SEO expert Rob Curtis shares some tips business owners can use to be more effective online.

“Digital marketing is important for any business now,” Rob said. “However with the onset of covid-19, lockdown and continuing restrictions on our ability to move around our own communities or further afield, it’s even more important to take the digital space even more seriously.”

Rob is one of the directors of SEO and lead generation company Smarter Media which has access to world-class expertise in the digital space. One of its non-executive directors is Lukasz Zelezny who is the former SEO Director of

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