Why does computer think the printer is offline when it isn’t?

Q: My wife’s HP laptop (purchased in 2013, running Windows 8.1) is having difficulty printing to our HP OfficeJet 4655 over Wi-Fi. She gets a “printer is offline” message (even though it isn’t), and nothing can clear it short of deleting the printer and reinstalling it. This clears it every time, but she doesn’t have the patience to do this every time to print a document. The problem recurs every time she restarts her computer. Our network router is a Netgear N600. Other communications through this router (such as internet) work fine. This problem used to occur only occasionally, but now it’s constant.

The printer and router are in the same room as my HP laptop (purchased in 2019, Windows 10). My computer has never had this problem. Her computer is in the kitchen, through a couple of walls.

How can I troubleshoot this and determine why her computer thinks

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