2020 Hackaday Prize, Now Almost Anyone Can BYTE Their Computer

A Computer Interface You Can Get Your Teeth Into

The winning projects from the various categories of the 2020 Hackaday Prize have been announced, with a new hands free computer interface called the BYTE.  It resembles a tiny controller, with a d-pad and bite sensor offering much finer control than current breath controllers available for those with physical challenges, and is contained in an easily and cheaply available pacifier tip for comfort and sterility.

The d-pad acts as a mouse, as well as a programmable button when even pressure is applied and when used in conjunction with the bite sensor, without a bite it allows you to scroll through a page.   The bite sensor treats a short firm bite as a click from a mouse, while a long bite can be programmed to another custom input.  This will let a large number of people with little to no control over

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