2nd ETF to start trade soon if government accepts our proposal: SEO head

TEHRAN- The head of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) announced that the units of the second exchange-traded fund (ETF) will be traded soon if the government accepts this organization’s proposal.

“A few days ago, a proposal was submitted to the government, and if this proposal is accepted, the second ETF will start trade soon”, Hasan Qalibaf-Asl said on Sunday.

The second ETF’s director had announced in late October that the time when the fund’s units would be tradable was unclear.

Davood Razaqi said, “As two of the four refineries, whose shares are due to be offered via this fund, have increased their capital, but the capital boosting has not been considered in the ETF’s asset, the fund’s index cannot be opened yet.”

As he said, the capital boosting has occurred at Tehran Oil Refining Company and Isfahan Oil Refining Company.

In May, the Iranian government sold shares in three

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Internet split over viral video of proposal during bridal bouquet toss

a group of people wearing costumes: Some called the scene beautiful, others dubbed it selfish.

© Twitter.
Some called the scene beautiful, others dubbed it selfish.

Is it suitable to propose at someone else’s wedding?

That’s the question people on the internet are debating after a video went viral on Twitter showing the moment a bridesmaid was surprised during the bouquet toss with her partner down on one knee. 

Viewed more than 6 million times, the video was shared by retired basketballer and social media influencer Rex Chapman, but it’s not clear who originally filmed it. 

The clip shows a bride ready to throw the bouquet to her bridesmaids, who are poised and waiting behind.

But at the last second, the bride turns, walks over and hands the flowers to one of the shocked bridesmaids, whose boyfriend is waiting behind her on one knee with a ring while the rest of the bridal party claps and cheers. 


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