BisRing’s Website Enhancement Significantly Assists Real Estate Investors & Service Providers – Press Release

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BisRing, The Ultimate Real Estate Network, is pleased to announce the enhancement of its online platform. The new site comes with a superior design to better improve user experience and highlight the benefits for both real estate investors and service providers.

The sleek, intuitive interface features an optimized home page with an improved search bar, allowing investors and other users to easily search for an expansive directory of real estate related services. A great extended feature is the option for investors to request a free quote from one of the trusted ProBisRinger service providers. Furthermore, the improved and comprehensive ‘Plans and Pricing’ page allows ProBisRingers to see all the benefits that they will get by becoming a ProBisRinger Lite or Gold.

Real Estate service providers will be pleased to learn that they can get their first two months absolutely free! BisRing

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Texas health care providers can register for Covid-19 vaccine

Hospitals and pharmacists can register to be among the first to receive the vaccine once approved

AUSTIN, Texas — A Covid-19 vaccine is still weeks away from approval, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott is encouraging health care providers across the state to enroll in the DSHS immunization program.

The online portal allows hospitals, medical facilities, pharmacies and long-term care facilities to register “to be considered” to receive the Covid-19 vaccine once approved. 

“While potential COVID-19 vaccines continue to undergo clinical trials, the State of Texas is taking a proactive approach to ensure the vaccine is distributed as quickly as possible once available,” Governor Abbott said in a news release. “Providing Texans with access to a voluntary vaccine and efficiently administering the immunization will be essential to containing COVID-19 and protecting the health of our communities.”

Supplies will be extremely limited once a vaccine is approved. Health care workers and frontline

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Size of providers factors into Kansas rural broadband divide

Lauren Clary gets a sinking feeling when someone asks her if she’s watched a popular show on Netflix.

“I tell them, ‘Nope, I don’t have the internet at home,’” said Clary, who lives on a rural property near Lake Afton with her husband and young child. “It’s amazing how many people are shocked when you tell them that.”

But the Clarys are far from alone in having no or minimal internet access at home.

About 95,000 Kansas households have no access to the internet or lack what has been defined as the bare minimum of internet access, said state Rep. Mark Schreiber, an Emporia Republican and a member of the Statewide Broadband Expansion Planning Task Force.

Fast internet is so crucial to daily life that Kansans are finding creative workarounds, from turning their phones into hotspots to finding someplace nearby where they can access Wi-Fi.

If Clary needs something stronger

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Frustrated by internet service providers, cities and schools push for more data

Months into the school year, the one thing many families have learned is how much they rely on a functioning internet connection to access remote classrooms. So education equality experts who are trying to chip away at the many challenges families are struggling with through the pandemic are starting by simply trying to identify which students aren’t connected to make sure those households have access to affordable packages.

But even though most internet service providers, or ISPs, offer affordable packages, they refuse to say how many customers they have signed up for the programs. That is forcing some city officials and internet equality groups to take data-gathering into their own hands.

In Philadelphia, city officials have struggled to get the data from Comcast, one of the nation’s largest ISPs and the owner of NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News. So city officials contacted families directly to find out whether

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Warren gets $1.4 million to help local cloud infrastructure providers compete against Amazon and other giants

Started as a side project by its founders, Warren is now helping regional cloud infrastructure service providers compete against Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google and other tech giants. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Warren’s self-service distributed cloud platform is gaining traction in Southeast Asia, one of the world’s fastest-growing cloud service markets, and Europe. It recently closed a $1.4 million seed round led by Passion Capital, with plans to expand in South America, where it recently launched in Brazil.

Warren’s seed funding also included participation from Lemonade Stand and angel investors like former Nokia vice president Paul Melin and Marek Kiisa, co-founder of funds Superangel and NordicNinja.

The leading global cloud providers are aggressively expanding their international businesses by growing their marketing teams and data centers around the world (for example, over the past few months, Microsoft has launched a new data center region in Austria, expanded in Brazil and announced it

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‘Urgent’ action needed from phone and internet providers, as small business complaints jump 28%

Kate Carnell looking at the camera: Royal Commission

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Royal Commission

Small business ombudsman Kate Carnell has implored telecommunications providers to improve how they work with small businesses “as a matter of urgency”, following a jump in the number of complaints by business owners since the start of July. 

Small business complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) rose by 28% during the first quarter of the financial year, continuing an upward trend over the past year. 

According to the TIO’s latest complaints report, 5,527 complaints were made to the ombudsman by small business customers between July and September, compared to 4,323 complaints in the fourth quarter of 2019-20. 


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Small business complaints accounted for 16% of total complaints to the TIO during this time, which the ombudsman said is the highest proportion and volume for small business complaints in the past five quarters.

Overall, residential consumers and small businesses made 34,476 complaints

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QAnon Haven 8kun Briefly Shut Down by Internet Providers

Illustration for article titled Qs Last Haven Briefly Shut by Internet Providers

Screenshot: 8kun

The last haven for “real” Qdrops, 8kun (previously called 8chan), briefly went down Sunday night after a security researcher called the head of CNServers, the anti-denial-of-service provider that controversial site uses to stay online. CNServers quickly pulled their support for the message board, resulting in a vanishingly brief outage.

The site currently runs on a web services provider in Vancouver, Washington, called VanwaTech, also known as OrcaTech. Attempts to ask the provider’s founder, Nick Lin, to take the sites down have thus far been rebuffed, and so a security researcher name Ron Guilmette contacted CNServers in Hillsboro, Oregon, telling the company that he was surprised that the small provider was protecting the site. A few minutes later, CNServers canceled the services it provided to another internet provider, Spartan Host Ltd., essentially knocking Q offline

This kind of tangled web of service providers is common, especially

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How COVID-19 Forced Forex Software Providers to Improve Security

Foreign exchange (forex) is the most traded industry compared to any other financial market, estimated to be worth a staggering $2.409qn USD in 2019. The value of the global forex industry continued to increase in 2020, largely due to COVID-induced volatility and uncertainty.

Like any modern industry, as the overall value increases, so does the risk of cybersecurity threats, frauds and scams. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, financial authorities around the world have been warning forex traders about the heightened threat of security breaches. Australia’s regulator (ASIC) found reports that misconduct rose 20% during the first three months of the pandemic. Similarly, New Zealand and US regulators have publicly expressed concerns about the increase in COVID-related forex scams.

As forex traders and brokers rely on software for retail trading services, hackers exploit the industry’s dependence on technology in many ways. More than ever, financial authorities are stressing the need for

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