‘Call’: Park Shin-hye and Jun Jong-seo’s time travel slasher thriller reels you in with engaging premise

When ‘Call’, the Korean movie starring Park Shin-hye and Jun Jong-seo’s trailer had released, many had compared the film to the popular K-Drama ‘Signal’. Of course, we see how that is possible, considering a woman from the past and the present get connected by a call. However, ‘Call’ is beyond this time travel element and that is what makes the film as good as it is. From the first moment in, the opening grainy shot of a woman walking alone in the countryside, we are reeled in bit by bit. The film gives audiences time to settle in the kind of mood that our lead Seo-yeon (Shin-hye) is in before introducing us to Yeong-sook (Jeong-seo). 

We see how Seo-yeon has harbored hatred for her mother because she believed that her mother was the reason why her father had to die. It was her mother’s carelessness in not switching the stove

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