From Painfully Slow to Lightning Fast: SpaceX’s Starlink Makes Rural Internet Usable

(Credit: Nickolas Friedrich)

Nickolas Friedrich lives in central Montana, where his local broadband connectivity hasn’t been good.

Every month, he pays about $120 for a measly 0.8Mbps download speed from the only DSL provider in town. And his connection can freeze up when too many neighbors are on the service at once. 

As a result, streaming videos isn’t really possible. Instead, it can take an hour to download a low-quality 240p video from YouTube. The situation is so bad Friedrich used to go to the local library to download internet videos to his laptop so he could watch them later. 

But recently, he’s been able to enjoy Netflix and YouTube at home, where the internet speeds can now shoot up as high as 170Mbps. The reason? Starlink, the next-generation satellite internet service from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, that Friedrich has been helping test out.  

“It has been a lot faster than

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Facebook’s latest attempt to slow disinformation means probation for groups

Facebook has started putting some groups on a type of probation, its latest move to slow the spread of disinformation and attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the U.S. election.

graphical user interface, text: The 2020 Election Facebook page

© Gabby Jones/Bloomberg News
The 2020 Election Facebook page

Any group, public or private, the company detects has too many posts that violate its community standards will be forced to have administrators and moderators approve each submission manually. The requirement will stay in place for 60 days for the group, with no way to appeal or override it.


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The company will be closely monitoring how group administrators and moderators handle posts during those three months, and could decide to shut a group down completely if it repeatedly allows too many offending posts. The change makes the volunteers who run groups more responsible for what happens inside them.

“We are temporarily requiring admins and moderators of some political and

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Facebook could slow down sharing

Facebook could soon slow down users’ ability to share posts in an effort to curb the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the election, The New York Times reports. The changes “could be rolled out as soon as Thursday,” and would add “friction” to the social network’s sharing features. 

It wasn’t immediately clear what exactly Facebook would change about its sharing features, but it could “an additional click or two,” according to The New York Times. Twitter has also introduced updates to slow the spread of viral tweets and combat election misinformation. Until now, Facebook has relied on its voting information center and labels within its app, but these notices are easily-dismissed and don’t prevent users’ from sharing inflammatory posts. 

Facebook is reportedly worried about the potential for violence and wants users to “cool down.” Separately, BuzzFeed News reported that an internal metric Facebook uses to track potential

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Uber delivers miss in earnings amid slow pandemic recovery

  • Uber on Thursday released financial results of its third quarter. 
  • For the three months ended July 31, Uber lost more than $1 billion on revenues of $3.13 billion.
  • Shares of the company fell in late trading following the release. 
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Uber’s pandemic recovery isn’t happening as quickly as investors would like.

The ride-hailing giant on Thursday revealed third-quarter financials that fell below analyst expectations and sent shares lower in late trading.

Overall losses for the quarter ended Sept. 31 totaled $1.09 billion, on adjusted revenues of $2.81 billion. Analysts polled by Bloomberg had expected an adjusted net loss of $876 million on revenues of $2.82 billion. Losses not including taxes and depreciation were smaller than last quarter, but greater than a year ago. 

Uber’s stock price sank as much as 5% following the announcement, paring sharp gains from earlier in the week after the

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Why is my PC so slow? 7 ways to speed up a lagging computer

  • Your computer likely runs slower now than when you first bought it due to a combination of age and software.
  • Seven of the most common issues have relatively quick and effective resolutions that can help speed up a lagging PC.
  • To figure out why your PC is slow, try eliminating startup programs, using fewer browser tabs, and changing the way you schedule anti-malware scans and OneDrive syncing.

If it seems like your PC is running more slowly than when it was new, it might not be your imagination. Computers really can slow down with age, but not because the hardware itself gets older or wears out – it’s the software that bogs things down over time. Older computers can struggle to run newer programs that are optimized for efficiency on more recent computer models.

How to speed up your slow PC

While you can’t magically make what’s old new again,

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German tech firm SAP drops as much as 17% after cutting 2020 outlook due to slow recovery from coronavirus pandemic

  • SAP shares fell as much as 17% after the German software maker cut its 2020 business outlook, citing a slower recovery than anticipated for many of its key clients from the pandemic.
  • Germany’s biggest software maker cut its business outlook for 2020 to to €27.2 to 27.8 billion ($32.1-32.8 billion) from a previous estimate in April of €27.8 to 28.5 billion ($32.8-33.7 billion).
  • SAP said it would now target an expansion in its cloud computing division to more than €22 billion ($25.98 billion) by 2025, from €1.984 billion ($2.34 billion) in the third quarter of this year. 
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Shares in German software maker SAP fell by more than 17% on Monday, after the company cut its 2020 outlook, citing a slower-than-expected recovery from the coronavirus pandemic for many of its key customers.

SAP, Germany’s largest software firm, cut its full-year

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How to Clean Up a Slow Computer? – Download Registry Cleaner

Nothing is more annoying than a slow computer. The population is so heavily reliant on Internet technology today to do everything, and a PC that is slow and constantly freezes up, or one that crashes is more than just an annoyance. If you want to know how to clean up a slow computer, read on below to find out how. Getting a top quality registry cleaner software can help speed up your PC quickly.

Firstly, you need to ascertain why your PC is running so slowly. If it is purely on boot up that it is sluggish, then more than likely you have too many desktop short cut items open that require boot up. However, once the computer is up and running, if it is sluggish to react and seems to be having difficulties, then there a few major areas that you need to check.

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Why Is My Computer Running Slow? (And How To Make It Faster)

Thanks to computers and the Internet, organizations and institutions all are moving rapidly towards a paperless working environment. Computers are now being used widely for practically every task including document preparation, communication, assignment preparation, research, shopping, doing business and more.As compared to the past, it is no more a niche or a luxury; it has in fact become a need today. It has become extremely difficult to imagine a life without computers.

Since we use it so often, we must also take care of its maintenance. Unfortunately, many of us don’t. Poor PC maintenance leads to slow PC performance and exposes it to the risk of errors like runtime errors, BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors, system crashes and system freeze to name a few.

If you think that your PC is not working fast and smoothly like it use to, there can be several reasons behind its slow performance … Read More

Why Do Viruses Slow Down Computers?

Most people have virus protection installed on their computers. This is a great thing! Many of the virus protection programs around today protect computers against spyware and adware and all other known types of malware as well as viruses. This, too, is a great thing!

The word malware is the quick substitute word for the term “malicious software.” It refers to any type of virus or spyware that can get into your computer. Some years ago, the only kind of malware we had to deal with were computer viruses. The job of a computer virus was always to annoy computer operators to one extent or another.

A Nuisance and a Threat

Some viruses were simply written as jokes. A computer geek may actually write such a script to entertain himself. On the other hand, the purpose of a computer virus may be to kill your computer forever! Even worse the … Read More