Apple sued in Europe over software update that slowed old iPhones

A consumer advocacy group is suing Apple for about €180m in four European countries for allegedly duping users into downloading updates that deliberately slowed down their iPhones.

The legal actions mirror a class action in the US that led to a proposed settlement there worth up to $500m, following allegations that Apple engineered the software updates to induce users to buy newer models. Apple agreed to the US settlement in March, admitting no wrongdoing but saying it wanted to avoid protracted litigation.

“Apple pushed updates to mask problems with the battery, knowing it would slow down phones,” said Els Bruggeman, head of policy and enforcement at Euroconsumers, the consumer advocacy group behind the new lawsuits.

European consumers, she said, “just want to be treated with the same respect that was given to consumers in the United States”.

Euroconsumers-affiliated groups are filing class action lawsuits in Belgium and Spain on Wednesday,

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 production slowed markedly in October

samsung galaxy note 20 review camera
  • Samsung produced far fewer Galaxy Note 20 devices than expected in October, per a report from Korea.
  • The smartphone giant produced around 67% of its projected units in the month.
  • The slowdown could be indicative of the Galaxy Note 20 line’s dwindling demand or lend further credence to an earlier Galaxy S30 debut.

We’re three months into the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series’ life and already the Korean OEM is apparently missing projections. According to a report by The Elec, Samsung’s production of its Galaxy Note 20 series is already slowing by a fair margin.

The Korean publication says the smartphone maker produced just 600,000 of its projected 900,000 Note 20 series units in October. Samsung’s also producing more Galaxy Note 20 Ultra devices than standard Note 20 models, with the publication saying the drop in production was worse for the vanilla model. The ratio is reportedly 2:1 in

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Netflix Q3 preview: Analytics data suggests subscriber growth slowed

  • Netflix’s meteoric international subscriber growth in 2020 has started to slow, data from the analytics firm SimilarWeb that was shared exclusively with Business Insider suggests. 
  • SimilarWeb tracked traffic to and engagement on Netflix’s sign-up and cancellation pages outside the US and Canada to estimate the company’s international subscriber growth during the third quarter.
  • The data suggested that while fewer people canceled their Netflix subscriptions, Netflix’s international subscriber growth also fell below the levels this time last year.
  • Netflix, which reports earnings for its third quarter on October 20, said a slowdown in subscriber growth was coming after the pandemic drove record rises in subscribers during the first half of the year.
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Netflix’s meteoric international subscriber growth in 2020 is starting to slow, data from the analytics firm SimilarWeb that was shared exclusively with Business Insider suggests. 

Netflix broke its own records for subscriber

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