UMD computer scientist’s VisiSonics raises $3.5M to amplify 3D sound technology

When it comes to virtual reality, truly immersing someone in another space requires a lot of things to be just right.

For one, there’s a question of visuals. The objects have to be three-dimensional enough to look like they’re in front of a player, and a character has to be able to move around to see those objects to the right or left.

It’s not just a question of look, but also feeling like you’re somewhere else. That’s where sound plays a role. If a bee is flying to the right, it has to sound like it is buzzing to the right. Getting this “3D sound” right is its own area of technology development growing up around VR, and it has applications that go well beyond the headset.

“We create the correct left ear and right ear sounds so that you’re immersed in that space,” said Ramani Duraiswami, a

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Fortnite’s PS5 And Xbox Series X Improvements Detailed, And They Sound Impressive

Fortnite is one of the thousands of existing games that will be playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S when those systems are released next week. Developer Epic Games has now shared some additional insight on its next-gen plans, and they are more extensive than some might have thought.

Starting off, Epic stressed that Fortnite’s PS5 and Xbox Series X editions are not “simply tweaked last-gen builds.” Instead, they are “new native ones to harness the power of the new consoles.”

Epic also confirmed that all progress made on PS4 or Xbox One will carry forward to the next-gen editions, because this progress is tied to your specific game account.

Fortnite On Xbox Series X/S

Getting into the specifics, the Series X/S version of Fortnite will support 40/60FPS on Series X, along with a better-looking world thanks to the power of the machine.

“Experience a more

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Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines

Millions of voters going to the polls Tuesday will cast their ballots on machines blasted as unreliable and inaccurate for two decades by computer scientists from Princeton University to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Toyed with by white hat hackers and targeted for scathing reviews from secretaries of state in California and Ohio, Direct Recording Electronic voting systems, or DREs, have startled Illinois voters by flashing the word Republican at the top of a ballot and forgotten what day it was in South Carolina. They were questioned in the disappearance of 12,000 votes in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, in 2002 and 18,000 votes in Sarasota County, Florida, in 2006.

“Antiquated, seriously flawed and vulnerable to failure, breach, contamination and attack,” U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg wrote of Georgia’s aging DRE system before ordering the state to replace it in 2019. 

“No one is using a computer they purchased in the 1990s,”

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The 30 greatest synth players of all time: keyboard wizards, programming gurus and sound design legends

MTS 2020: These days, synth players are a dime a dozen. Throw a rock into the air and there’s every chance it’ll come down on an electronic musician. But what makes a synth player great? 

Beyond that, what makes a synthesist legendary?Is it the ability to play incendiary solos at light-speed? Or perhaps it’s a vast technical knowledge, allowing one to synthesize any sound at will? Maybe it’s simply a knack for creating a good arrangement. 

If the opinions of our users are any indication, it might be any or all of the above. Indeed, we elected not to cast judgement and asked you lot to choose the greatest synth player of all time. We were at turns surprised, confused, and impressed by your responses. 

Some nominations were obvious – players whose names have been long established as the best of the best. Others have scaled the charts with

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Amazon Echo (2020) review: Small in stature, mighty in sound

Hardware and setup

The Echo and Echo Plus have had a consistent design over the years: a tall cylinder with a glowing light ring and buttons on top. This year’s speaker does away with all that; Amazon opted instead for an orb with a flat bottom. The volume, mic activate and mic mute buttons are all on top, as before, but the light ring now encircles the Echo’s base. I personally like the orb look, but it could be more polarizing than the old, innocuous design, not to mention the small pill shape of the Nest Audio speaker. On the Echo’s backside, you’ll find a slot for the power adapter and a 3.5mm audio jack, which works for either input or output. 

Besides the orb design, the new placement of the light ring is probably the most controversial change. When you speak the Alexa command word, the light ring turns

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Motorola 2 Way Radio Earpiece, the Best Way to Receive Quality Sound

For most people, clarity of sound when using their radios is very important. Only through clear sound will you be able to receive and understand the message being conveyed. For proper sound, you might consider using a good set of earpiece. Motorola radio earpiece is the ear piece to go for. This earpiece has been made using the latest technology to ensure you enjoy top quality sound. Additionally, the huge popularity of the gadget is more than enough proof of its reliability and exceptional performance.

How to choose the ideal earpiece

There are numerous brands of earpiece flooding the market. This makes it hard trying to choose the best earpiece. However, it is very much possible settling for the best. This is possible only if you put a few factors into consideration. Some of the things to note include:

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